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Our mission at MINDset direct is to deliver an innovative approach to philanthropic organizations that inspires passion to change the world.

Working in collaboration with our clients, we focus on understanding and influencing donor groups to drive higher value supporter relationships. Through cutting-edge strategic oversight and comprehensive data analysis, MINDset helps navigate the challenges and complexities that occur as organizations attempt to move donors up the giving ladder.



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Applying Traditional Direct Response Approaches for Success in Alternative Media

October 10, 2018

This blog post is based on a highlight from a recent presentation given by MINDset’s Erica O’Brien. Fundraising is all about disruption now – disruptive channels like Indiegogo and Facebook…

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Monthly Giving Metrics in a Fast-Paced World

July 1, 2018

No matter the size of the program, monthly giving presents complex metrics that need to be synthesized into a single view to be utilized by anyone that touches the program.…

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How to Communicate (with) Your Match

October 23, 2020

So, you finally found your perfect match (if you missed our earlier posts in the matching gift series – you can find more here), and are ready to tell the…

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Why Can’t I Find My Match?

October 16, 2020

It’s true – matching gifts are truly a bit like online dating.  Sort of fickle…even elusive, yet desired, nonetheless.  And much like the crazy world of online dating (and life…

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Finding Your Perfect Match

October 9, 2020

In today’s competitive fundraising environment, matching gifts are everywhere.  Some might even say that fundraising and matching gifts go hand and hand – are birds of a feather – a…

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

September 17, 2020

It’s the always anticipated, and never ready for, Fall season.  The time of year for pumpkin-spiced everything, the emergence of holiday decorations way too soon and, of course, the busiest…

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Messaging in a Bubble

August 25, 2020

Donors today are living in a complex and noisy world.  Between COVID-19, civil unrest, natural disasters, and the upcoming election…we are living through turbulent times right now.  So why, then,…

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4 Fashion Faux Pas of Digital Fundraising

August 3, 2020

There are things you’d never do when it comes to what you wear – but you might be doing the equivalent of these things in your digital fundraising program, making…

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Clean Data is Cool

July 30, 2020

In direct marketing, it’s all about the data.  But what if your data isn’t up to snuff?   While data hygiene may not be the most exciting topic, it is…

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The Devil is in the Details

July 27, 2020

Monthly Giving is revered by many for the value and revenue generated for organizations.  However, fundraisers who have been around the block a few times know that monthly giving programs…

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