At MINDset, our core organizational beliefs guide our strategic interactions with the organizations we have had the privilege to work with.

We believe that our clients deserve the attention and expertise of our senior leadership team at every interaction, and that this interaction, whether structured or informal, leads to true innovation and change for the organizations we serve.

We believe that every organization has a distinctive message, relevance and connection to its donors.

We believe that the true measure of success for any strategic development effort is the increase it provides, short- and long-term, to the value of the donor relationship.

We believe that strategies are pointless unless processes and practices are put in place to ensure their end-to-end success.

With those beliefs and values at our core, we have built a unique agency that is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients and that has driven tremendous growth and success over the past decade. We remain committed to providing our nonprofit clients opportunities to overcome the challenges of a changing marketplace, diversification of channels and increased constituent expectations.